We make sure our kids eat the right stuff...
... and do exercise to keep them healthy...
... but what about their self-talk?

In a world where 1 in 5 teenage girls is self-harming and tens of thousands of UK children are on antidepressants, none of us wants that to happen to our child.

That's why I've created The Happiness Mindset For Kids course. It's an inspirational online course for parents & educators to teach children how to feel happier, one thought at a time.

As parents, we want our kids to reach their full potential
 - and to be happy and healthy

But our modern world is putting them under stresses they're not equipped to handle.

According to NHS England, over 65,000 children are taking anti-depressants. That's a shocking figure. And they're just the kids who feel bad enough that they had to get help from their GP. For each one of those children there will be many more who are struggling with worry, anxiety, stress, self-doubt and bullying - often in silence.

That's not what we want for our kids.

These children aren't 'special snowflakes'. They're part of a generation that is bombarded with school tests from the age of 7, where social media means that 'comparisonitis' is epidemic, where 'resilience' and 'ambition' are valued more than kindness and hard work.

As parents and educators, we can struggle to know what to do - we're busy dealing with our own self-talk-stories, feeling like we're not good enough, stressed about the future, juggling too many plates to have the time to find out how to help our children.

But it doesn't have to be that way. And turning this around - for yourself and for kids - could be easier than you might think.

Imagine if there were a way for us to help our kids to grow up confident and happy - and making it fun
- creating life-long change in minutes, not months

That's exactly what I share with you in The Happiness Mindset For Kids project. It's a year-long online course, with peer support and expert monthly live Q&As with me, based on my best-selling book: A Year Full Of Gratitude.

Over the next year the course will teach you - and then your child - how to feel happier, turning your inner critic into your biggest cheerleader. In just minutes, each week.

Through the fortnightly gratitude-based techniques in the book (most of which take just sixty seconds), you'll experience how you can 'rewire your brain' (painless, I promise!) to spot what's going well in life, to feed the mind-stories that make you feel happier; to feel genuine gratitude as part of your daily life - with no white-washing or pretending involved.

And then The Happiness Mindset For Kids teaches you how to adapt the techniques for teaching to children - from toddlers to teens.

How You'll Get Results

As they tell us on flights, it's essential that you put on your own oxygen mask, first. 

This means you'll be learning the techniques each fortnight for yourself - trying them on for size - experiencing the benefits. They're super-quick to learn and play with and can easily fit into a busy routine.

Then I teach you each week how to adapt them to teach to children, from toddlers to teens - plus you'll get 'ninja tips' to help you to deep-dive on the strategies that you're really enjoying - or resisting!


Fortnightly How-To Activity

Every 2 weeks you get a practical gratitude-based activity, to teach you exactly how to tame your inner critic. These are fun, take just a couple of minutes, and are quick to learn. Students see results as early as the first week.

Your Gratitude Journal

You get a downloadable PDF copy of A Year Full Of Gratitude as part of your course. There's the option to upgrade to a printed version when you register.

Weekly Podcast

My podcast - A Year Full Of Gratitude - is an integral part of your course. In under ten minutes, it inspires you with deeper background on that fortnight's core themes, plus ninja tips to get even more from the techniques.

From Toddlers To Teens

Each technique comes with extra videos to make it super-easy for you to adapt it for children - from toddlers to teens.

Deep-Dive Masterclasses

You get 6 deep-dive masterclasses on topics ranging from how to handle comfort zones or limiting beliefs, through to why positive thinking sucks - and what you can do, instead!

You Are Not Alone

You get access to my private forum, plus you get VIP access to my monthly live Q&A call where you can get hot seat coaching and answers to your questions.

By spending this quality time helping your child, you'll be making sure they don't grow up with the limiting beliefs and negative self-talk that keep so many of us stuck, dreaming big, but playing small...

... And you're building a relationship with them that means they will come to you if they're being bullied, lying awake at night with anxiety, stressed about their exams, failing at maths...

... Letting you help them, before things go too far.

You're teaching them incredible happiness skills for life.

As parents, we want our kids to reach their full potential
 - and to be happy and healthy

What To Expect With The Happiness Mindset For Kids

In as little as the first few weeks, students start to notice:

Parents & Educators

  • Feeling calmer and less emotionally volatile if the kids 'play up'
  • Thinking more positively and feeling happier
  • Being able to choose which mind-stories to feed, cutting your stress and anxiety levels
  • check
    Being more present - at home and at work - and having more quality family time
  • check
    Negative self-talk becoming less frequent - and much easier to turn around

Kids - From Toddlers To Teens

  • More able to handle life's ups-and-downs - with less stress, worry or anxiety
  • Less affected by the behaviour of others at school
  • Not beating themselves up when things go wrong
  • check
    Improving their study grades as their confidence increases and their self-talk no longer sings songs like, "I'm rubbish at maths!"
  • check
    Feeling happier and more open to the opportunities that life holds

A few minutes a day can help you to feel happier, less stressed and set yourself free from life's emotional rollercoaster.

And it can help your child to grow up feeling more confident, reaching their full potential and loving life's journey.

Don't Know Me Yet? I'm Clare Josa.

I have been a certified NLP Trainer since 2003, which means I'm an expert in designing courses that work fast - getting you maximum results for minimum effort. It also makes me a pro at decoding the 'user manual' for your brain. 

My prior background in engineering, specialising in Lean Manufacturing and Six Sigma, means that I'm famous for my fluff-free approach and for sharing inspirational how-to that makes changing your life fast, fun and forever. I'm also a certified meditation, mindfulness and yoga teacher, so you get a generous dollop of that, too. My clients call it 'engineer-approved woo-woo'.

The Happiness Mindset For Kids is based on my book - A Year Full Of Gratitude - which brings you practical techniques to press 'pause' on negative thinking and self-doubt, retraining your brain to think more positively, with near-zero effort.

In this programme, (yes, programme - I'm a Brit) I distil over 15 years of inspiring over a million people to feel happier into a unique blend of gratitude, mindfulness and practical psychology, with just enough neuroscience to prove to your monkey mind how it all works.

I'm passionate about demystifying Ancient Wisdom into surprisingly simple actions you can take to change your life, in less time than it takes a kettle to boil. And that's exactly what I share with you in The Happiness Mindset For Kids.

What's The Investment?

I know you're busy! And  you want to help your child to get results in minutes, not months.
I want to make it easy for you.

So everything I teach in the Happiness Mindset For Kids course is broken down into bite-sized steps that you can teach your child in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee.

Expect to spend 10-15 minutes a week learning the techniques and a few minutes a day practising. That's all!

I want to make The Happiness Mindset For Kids as accessible as possible, whilst still giving you the quality of course and support you deserve. So this year-long programme is just £197.

When you think about the difference it could make for you, your child and your family, I hope you'll agree it's a worthwhile investment.

You can get started in the next five minutes by clicking the 'GET STARTED NOW!' button, below:

ZERO RISK Guarantee

I want to make sure you're happy with this course. So try it on for size for 30 days and if it hasn't helped you, I'll give you a full refund - with no hard feelings.

BUT it's not a 'brown banana' guarantee - I will ask that you have actually tried the techniques out. After all, you wouldn't take a banana back to the supermarket because you forgot to eat it and it went brown!

xx Clare 

© Clare Josa | Beat Exam Stress