Exam Stress Quick Fix Course

Discover 7 1/2 ways to beat exam stress - in minutes, not months.

What Your Course Includes:

This instant access course is ideal for students or for parents of children who are struggling with exam stress.

It helps both to prevent exam stress and worry, and also with highly effective techniques for when exam stress has taken over.

Virtual Mentoring Workbook

25-page workbook that guides you through each technique in a way that's easy to learn.

These are the same exercises that Clare Josa would give you if you were in a workshop with her, adapted for self-study.

Guided Visualisation MP3

Beat exam stress just by listening to this audio, based on Clare's 15 years as an NLP Trainer - an expert in practical psychology - and 10 years as a Meditation Teacher.

Ideal for those times when you need an instant confidence boost.

You Are Not Alone

You are not alone! Get peer support, answers to your questions and encourage others on their beating exam stress journey.

This course gets you membership of Clare's invitation-only Beat Exam Stress Facebook group.

What Will You Cover?

Here are the 7 1/2 techniques you'll be covering in your Exam Stress Quick Fix training:

#1 Getting Grounded

#4 The Problem With Trying

#7 Clare's Favourite Lazy Yoga Pose

#2 Shift Your Self-Talk

#5 Why 'Can' Is Not The Opposite Of 'Can't'

#7 1/2 How To Create Your Own Techniques

#3 Get Moving

#6 How To Feed Your Brain

Don't Know Clare Josa Yet?

Clare Josa has spent 15+ years teaching people how to be happier, feel less stressed, be more confident and make a bigger difference in the world.

Through her six books, including two on meditation & mindfulness, and her websites, interviews and workshops, her work has inspired millions. As an NLP Trainer, she is an expert in how to make it easy for you to learn the techniques she shares with you in this course.

As a busy mum of 3 young boys, including an exam-stressed teen, she knows how it feels to want to help your child - and she has adapted the potent techniques she has developed over the past 15 years to make them easy for you to teach your child, to help them beat exam stress.

No Quibble Guarantee

Go through the Exam Stress Quick Fix course at Clare's risk, not yours.

Once you've tried it on for size, if it genuinely hasn't helped you or your exam-stressed child, let Clare's team know by replying to any of the course emails to ask for a full refund.

No Brown Bananas

All Clare asks is that you actually work through the course. It's not a 'brown banana' guarantee. After all, you wouldn't take a banana back to the store because you changed your mind about eating it, would you?

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