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Online Masterclass With Clare Josa: 7 1/2 Emergency Exam Stress Fixes

Join Clare Josa on Wednesday 6th June (extra date) at 7pm (UK)
plus get the replay and workbook that go with this training:

New date added: Wednesday 6th June (extra date) at 7pm (UK)

Here's How This 90-Minute Emergency Fixes For Exam Stress Training Can Help You To Help Your Child:

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    You'll get a demystified tour of the neuroscience of the effects of exam stress, explaining how and why it is such a powerful tool to improve performance, increase confidence and help your child to feel happier and calmer
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    You'll learn how our self-talk - the stories we tell ourselves - about exams keep us stuck in that cycle - and a simple method you can teach your child to press 'pause' on their inner critic
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    You'll get to experience the mind-body link - how our thoughts trigger our emotions and set off the stress hormone cycle in the body, affecting exam performance - and how to turn this around
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    7 1/2 Emergency Quick Fix techniques to help your child to beat exam stress, even as they're queueing for the exam hall
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    Practical ways to crank up the 3 Cs of exam success: being calm, confident and able to concentrate
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    Plus you'll get videos and a workbook to make it easy to teach these techniques to your child, after your 90-minute live training

All of this is yours for just £20:

Here's What You Get:

90-Minute Masterclass

Instant access.

It's online, so you can watch it wherever you are. There's no time limit on this, so it's there for you whenever you need it, as often as you need it.

Exam Stress Workbook

To help you get the most from this session, you'll get a PDF workbook to download and work through, as you watch it.

You can also use this and the videos you'll get after the live training to support you, as you teach these techniques to your child.

You Are Not Alone

Get invitation-only membership of Clare Josa's Beat Exam Stress Facebook group.

You can get answers to your questions and share with other parents, teachers and tutors what is working for your child as you help them with exam stress, so they can do their best in their exams.

All of this is yours for just £20:

Don't Know Clare Josa Yet?

Clare Josa is a formally trained meditation and mindfulness teacher and has been teaching since 2008. She is the author of two books on the subject - 52 Mindful Moments and the 28 Day Meditation Challenge.

She is also a certified EFT Master Practitioner and, combining this with her expertise as an NLP Trainer, she makes it super-easy for you to learn how to help your child to 'tap away' exam stress and nerves.

With these and her online courses on meditation and mindfulness, she has taught thousands of students how to calm their Monkey Mind, think more clearly, feel less stressed and smile for no reason.

In this unique live, online training, she will be sharing with you the gems from her past decade in the field, so that you can help you child to benefit from simple, yet highly effective, techniques to reduce their exam stress, increase their confidence and be able to do their best in their exams.