How To Beat Exam Stress, Worry And Anxiety

Quick Fixes & Root Cause Clearing For Exam Stress, Worry and Anxiety

​There's plenty you can do to help your child (and yourself) with exam stress. In these articles, Clare Josa shares with you some of her most effective strategies to shift from stressed to smiling - often in as little as sixty seconds.

Here Are Some Of The Latest Exam Stress Articles:

Back To School Stress? The Simple Question That All Parents Need To Know
With our kids heading back to school this week - and many of them going to new schools or stepping[...]
Why There’s No Point In Your Teen Revising When They’re Stressed [Podcast 007]
In this week's Beat Exam Stress podcast we're looking at why we struggle to get our teens to revise -[...]
Are YOUR Exam Fears Getting In The Way Of Your Child’s Success? [Podcast 005]
In this week's Beat Exam Stress podcast I'm talking about something we all like to pretend doesn't happen - how[...]
The Neuroscience Of Exam Stress – Why It’s Not All In Your Child’s Head [Podcast 004]
Today I'm taking you on a whistle-stop tour of the neuroscience of exam stress - demystified - so you can[...]
Exam Stress Symptoms: 3 Early Warning Signs That Your Child Is Struggling With Exam Nerves
Every parent needs to be able to spot exam stress symptoms - the early warning signs that their child is[...]
Exam Stress: How To Keep Your Cool When Your Kid Is Kicking Off [Podcast 003]
So your kid is kicking off with exam stress, slamming doors, yelling, sulking, refusing to do their revision. Nicely-nicely hasn't[...]
Exam Stress Mind Hack: Slowing Down Your Breathing – With Mindfulness
Exam stress stops your child from thinking clearly, makes it hard for them to concentrate and gets in the way[...]

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