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7 1/2 Emergency Quick Fixes For Exam Stress - a guide for parents, teachers and tutors to help children feel less stressed, more confident, concentrate more easily and do their best in their exams.

Join Clare Josa for this 90-minute online workshop, from anywhere in the world, plus get access to the replay, training workbook & other resources.

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Beat Exam Stress Instant Access Course: 7 1/2 Quick Fixes

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Next Live Online Training: 22nd May - Emergency Quick Fixes For Exam Stress

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EFT For Exam Stress: Feel Calmer, More Confident & Improve Exam Performance

EFT To Beat Exam Stress

Don't Know Clare Josa Yet?

Clare has spent the past 15 years teaching over a million people to feel less stressed and to make the difference they are really here to make in the world.

She has published six books, including two on meditation & mindfulness, and she speaks internationally on how changing the world isn't about what you do; it's about who you allow yourself to become.

But when her eldest son hit exam stress - hard - she decided she had to do something to help parents to help their kids, and How to Beat Exam Stress was born.

As an NLP Trainer since 2003, she is an expert in how to make it easy for you to learn the techniques she shares with you in this website. As a Reformed Mechanical Engineer, she loves to teach with a generous dollop of common sense and humour.

She knows how it feels to want to help your child - and she has adapted the potent techniques she has developed over the past 15 years to make them easy for you to teach your child, to help them beat exam stress - fast.

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