Welcome To The How To Beat Exam Stress Podcast – Why It’s Here For You [Podcast 001]

By Clare Josa | Podcast

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Mar 28

Welcome to the How To Beat Exam Stress podcast.

In this episode I share with you how the podcast can help you – and why I created it and the website.

And the answer might surprise you.

I take you through how to get the most from this site and ways that we can share this journey together.


Podcast: Why How To Beat Exam Stress Is Here For You


I’d love to hear from you:

  • Have you struggled with helping your child to beat exam stress?
  • What has worked for you? What hasn’t?
  • And which challenges are you facing, right now, with exam preparation? I’d love to answer your questions in future episodes.

x Clare


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About the Author

Clare Josa has spent the past 15 years teaching over a million people to feel less stressed and to make the difference they are really here to make in the world. But when her eldest son hit exam stress - hard - she decided she had to do something to help parents to help their kids, and How to Beat Exam Stress was born. Clare is the author of five life-changing books and her recent debut novel, You Take Yourself With You, has been described by readers as 'unputdownable'.


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